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Nene L.A. Shiro

Fashion Designer & TikTok Creator

Jiggle fighting, stank walking brooklyn negro 😌…Fashion slayer, faux comedian, occasi...

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  • Nataki
    December 28th, 2021
    • Holiday
    It took me about 2 days before I wrote this review because I was THAT hype still lol. Nene LA Shiro did not disappoint, not for one second. I gave a brief description of my bestie and I relationship, but when I got the response "oh so you guys play mas", I knew he was My People and I came to the right place 🙌🏽. How did he know the perfect Christmas greeting includes Soca?? The energy given had me feeling like he knew knew us. We found our "shovel" and possibly new Carnival buddy 💃🏽😉💕
  • Anonymous
    December 20th, 2021
    • Pep Talk
    Nene L.A. Shiro absolutely crushed this cameo. I may have been more surprised than my sister who I ordered it for but it was everything I wanted for her. In addition to getting the Nene we know and love with a little jiggle fight thrown in we got more than we could have asked for as He was communicated and asked questions to make sure it was memorable, sincere and personal. For that my family is truly grateful. Thank you for the laughs, the love and of course for bringing the Thunder⚡⚡⚡⚡
  • Anonymous
    December 23rd, 2021
    • Holiday
    Absolutely amazing! I thought it would be short but Nene put TIME and ENERGY into the cameo. It was an Xmas gift for my girlfriend about an inside joke and Nene went above and beyond matching the vibe and making the video super special. Thank you so much!

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