Cameo is where you connect with your favorite stars

Cameo is where you connect with your favorite stars

Access thousands of celebrities and request a personalized video message for any occasion.

How Cameo works


Find the right celeb for any occasion

Birthdays, milestones, or even a well-deserved roast, the perfect celebrity is only a search away. Find yours and request them.


Get your personalized video message

Include all the important details in your request form. After it’s submitted, stars have up to 7 days to complete it. Choose our 24hr delivery option if you need it sooner.

3Share the magic

Capture the WOW

Magical moments deserve to be shared. Whether you’re giving one or receiving a personalized video, we want to see your reaction. Bonus points if you tag us.

Find your Cameo match

Looking for the perfect star for any occasion? Take this quiz to get your personalized recommendations.

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Cameo Collage

Make it memorable with Cameo Collage

Turn your Cameo video into a free collage featuring personalized messages from friends and family.

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Get exclusive access with Follow

Stay up-to-date with your favorite personalities and get access to exclusive feed content, promotions, and price drops.

  • Insider access to special promotions
  • Exclusive updates directly from celebrities
  • Share your love for your favorite celebrity with other fans

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Personalized videos are just the beginning. We’ve created world-class products that make it easier to connect with your favorite stars.

  • Chat on a 1-on-1 LIVE video call with Cameo Calls

  • Enjoy daily live events and promotions

  • Be the first to know about price drops and deals

  • And so much more!

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