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You’re sitting in your office. Karen from Accounting is discussing the gifts she bought her nephews for Christmas. Stephanie from Sales is still complaining about the extra weight she put on from Thanksgiving. Bill from HR is contemplating New Year’s Resolutions. You’re stressed about all the gifts you still need to purchase and pounds you need to lose before Christmas when you remember that 3 members of the Office - Stanley, Meredith, and Jan - have joined Cameo. You breathe easy.

Whether you need Stanley to make a virtual appearance at your office holiday party, Meredith to remind you that her annual resolution to give up drinking during the week fails on January 3, or Jan to tell your kids they have coal in their stockings, a gift from a cast member of the Office is the perfect gift this holiday season. Tis’ the season to be the Dunder Mifflin employee you always dreamed of being!

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