The Quietest Revolution - Amber Khan


The Quietest Revolution - Amber Khan

The Quietest Revolution - Amber Khan

Astrologer - Tarot Card Reading



By Way of the Almighty - I will be using Cameo to do Mini Tarot Card Readings! You can also select the business/bran...

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  • Anonymous

    March 07, 2022 • Other

    Eye opening and informative. Took a few cancellations before I got my video but was worth the wait. Sometimes these things happen for a reason so we can reach certain milestones in life before we are ready to receive. Thank u Amber for a wonderfully insightful reading for me. Now I just have to sit back and wait for things to happen. You are truly gifted. God bless you always. ❤️

  • Anonymous

    January 16, 2023 • Other

    Amber is a Queen. I have been using her for years. She has helped me through some of the most difficult times in my life with spot on advice and insight. She knows what kind of dumb sh**t I am thinking about doing before I even do it. Its kind of crazy to go through my old readings and see how right she was with everything. The readings are pricey, but this is a gift that is invaluable if you are in a point in your life when you have no idea what to do or are stuck in your head.

  • Anonymous

    May 12, 2023 • Birthday

    Amber is 1 of the most amazing earthly guides. Every read I have had from Amber in the last 5 years has been on target. I really must start taking her advice daily. With that said this read was extra on it. I was in therapy when the video was sent. I swear she was there in the room the way the cards hit. I have always been a super fan and believer. Today I dbl all that down. She is a real 1. Love you Amber and thank you for your wisdom and guidance. We are lucky to have you in our lives. HP.

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