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Hi everyone, Thanks for checking out my Cameo 😁 Leave a request and I’ll get back t...

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  • David
    July 10th, 2021
    Hi m8/AWESOME Cameo. Noticed clean shaven.Hope all roles work out bro. Saw THE THING a few yrs back.SCARY 4 sure. The location house was the Bates Mansion from the Hitchcock movie PSYCHO that blew me away.Get snow in UK so best of all weathers.Classic EQUUS movie(1977)starred Peter Firth.Stage starred Daniel Radcliffe(grown up)BEDROOM WINDOW(film) starred Steve Guttenberg.Check out trailers/movies bro Powerful you’ll enjoy..Ill be booking you again if that’s okay. U deliver on every level.Luv our chats. Love David.
  • David
    July 9th, 2021
    Hi Taylor, the cameo was ACE bro. Thank U!ill check out LOST. Heard a lot about just haven’t viewed yet.Thanks for heads up. Gr8choice for dinner. Guy was in Neighbours & now Int. star. Watch out world Taylor’s coming for ya!Many DH Lawrence Books are movies. Check out Women in Love, LadyChatterleys Lover /Period masterpieces. I commend that UR so well read. Awesome. Understand totally about onlyfans, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing out bro haha.More questions coming in next booking if okay.Love, David. X
  • David
    July 4th, 2021
    Hi Taylor,THANK YOU SO MUCH M8 for EPIC 2nd Cam. LUV it. U could NEVER go on too much. SO appreciating your time & interaction. I’m gonna keep booking man if that’s ok? I wrote 2 chiller/thriller movies that starred my buddy JEFF in USA. They’ve had THOUSANDS of views. Sent them to friends on Neigh/H&A who loved ‘em. I can send links for U to view mate. I’d love YOU to see ‘em bro. Let me know safe e mail & Ill do that. U look ACE & soundBRILLIANT m8. gonna send some more top questions For next Cameo now Ha. Luv D.

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