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Serena Deeb

AEW Wrestler

The Woman of a Thousand Holds. The Professor of professional wrestling. Owner of Deeb’...

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  • Anonymous

    December 31, 2020 • undefined

    Serena Deeb recorded a lovely message for my partner, who is going away for a while. Considering what a sad time it was in the wrestling world, I was really surprised she was able to fulfil the request so it was extra special. She filled out the little information you can impart in 250 characters to record a really sweet message telling him how proud we are and how much we will miss him. He absolutely loved the message and was thrilled that we'd done that for him. Thank you Ms Deeb.

  • Anonymous

    January 24, 2021 • undefined

    Oh gosh, thanks Serena! That was amazing. Kerry LOVED your video, and you are so wonderfully cool and sincere. We hope you keep rocking it in AEW (or NWA or these days who knows!), and if you ever want a master's in sport psych we're happy to oblige at SJSU or Laurentian :) Seriously, stay safe and healthy. Thank you so much.

  • Anonymous

    December 28, 2021 • Holiday

    TY so much! I am truly and wholeheartedly appreciative beyond words. Thanks for making her 30 and Xmas Xtra special. You took a few words and turned it into a hell of a promo! You're so fucking good! KKA (keep kicking ass) cant wait to see you live!

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