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John Paul Jones (JPJ)

JPJ - The Bachelorette



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  • Anonymous
    March 12th, 2021
    • Pep Talk
    Oh my gosh! My daughter opened her video - which was a complete surprise to her - and we could not wipe the smile off her face! Thanks so much for the pep talk JPJ - she said she’s going to listen to it every morning to start her day! Such a quick response, a great message and lots of fun. I see some jump squats in her future!!! Thank you! 😃 ((Hidden by Cameo)
  • Anonymous
    April 27th, 2021
    • Gift
    JPJ, you absolutely crushed this! My wife was super stoked when she saw your face. She loved the video! You put so much thought and effort into this. Wasn't expecting it to be so long! Would definitely be doing this again. Cheers, brother! Thank you so much again for making my wife's grad present that much more special. 🤙
  • Anonymous
    July 3rd, 2022
    • Pep Talk
    I wish I could give him more stars! JPJ was super fast completing it and not only that, he sent a very long and personalized video! Not just a generic 20 second video that some send out. I’d suggest try to give him more details because he really does try to personalize it and put effort into it. So you will definitely be getting your money’s worth. Amazing guy and amazing cameo, book him ASAP!

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