Jeff Anderson


Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson

Actor/Comedian - Clerks



The Clerk without the goatee.

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  • Anonymous

    August 20, 2023 • Pep Talk

    Bad fucking ass sums it up! Jeff killed it! He did a phenomenal job and the added bonus…. he was at a Con! Jeff rounded up special guest appearances in his video from none other than Kevin, Brian and Jason! Couldn’t have ask for, or received a better cameo video. I received the cameo video VERY fast! Thanks to Jeff and the boys for taking the time out of your lives to knock this video out of the park! Continued success to you Jeff and the the guys! #CLERKS4LETSDOTHIS #ASKEW4LIFE

  • Anonymous

    September 09, 2023 • Other

    Jeff went so far above and beyond my expectations it made me cry. It's like he walked through all 3 lord of the rings movies just to make me an amazing video for my friend. I have seen clerks 3 and loved it. I'll make sure Andrew does too haha. Thanks so much, I can't begin to describe how much this meant to me. Andrew loved it too. The donkey is still a little angry but what can you do?! I'd give Jeff my highest recommendation to anyone who wants to send a very heartfelt message to someone that means a lot to them

  • Michael

    September 07, 2023 • Other

    Jeff’s video is totally above and beyond expectation. Hilarious as always. We invite you, Jeff, and fam to officiate/celebrate (with your CVS receipt) at our eventual vow renewal! Probably in Fiji, or Australia, or New Zealand, or New Jersey. We hate the internet, too! Thanks for being amaze-balls and we “always watch those pull outs”!

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