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Paul T Taylor

Actor - Pinhead from Hellraiser: Judgment - Sin City

I had the great honor of playing "Pinhead" in HELLRAISER:JUDGMENT.
I had the great honor of playing "Pinhead" in HELLRAISER:JUDGMENT.

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Reviewed by F***** on October 31st, 2020

I’m bawling, I’m actually crying my soul out right now oh my god,, I CANT FREAKIN BELIVE IWHSJSHDHDH OMGGGG! I’m, im completely mind blown. IM SO HAPPY, this has encouraged me to do so much more in life. I love you P... more

Reviewed by C***** on August 10th, 2020

Thank you! My cousin loved the video. She’s got a tattoo of Hellraiser on her so soon as you get goin in the video she had to stop it to show everyone her calf tattoo. She loved the randomness and craziness of the wh... more
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