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Melissa O’Neil

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ALL PROCEEDS TO Fresno Bully Rescue in honor of Herc until we start S6🤞🏼 Please boo...

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  • Celine
    April 5th, 2023
    • Question
    Melissa, a few days ago, I discovered Bonnie Raitt on ur story Insta and now, some other GREAT new artists. Aaliyah is my passion but I loved ALL your recommendations (rich&eclectic). What a treat! I had a real crush on Evergreen. And Water No Get Enemy is a drug. Your Cameo makes me feel so happy. Thank you! If you make a playlist on Spotify, PLEASE, share it! My song recommendation is "I love You" by Yseult. PS: You scared me at the end. I thought there was a ghost (but it was the trees) LOL
  • Anonymous
    April 10th, 2022
    • Other
    I feel like what we received from you was so far beyond what a Cameo is meant to be that it feels funny calling it that. I’ve been trying to find the words to express how much your video meant to us, but it’s difficult. You are a blessing, and we are so touched and honored by all you chose to share. The beauty of your soul shines through in everything you do, and this was no exception. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. It is an absolute privilege being your fan.
  • Anonymous
    April 11th, 2022
    • Other
    Ah! Thank you so much! I love the video, you took the time to make a lovely response and I’m super happy. I tried to send a response video but I’m not sure if it went through. My daughters birthday was Jan so it was a belated birthday.Anyway thank you so much again!!! Hope you can visit my homeland in Hawaii, if you do pls do a meet and greet!!!! Wish you luck on filming the rookie!

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