Emo + Punk

Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult)


Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult)

Marko DeSantis (Sugarcult)

Lead guitarist - Sugarcult



Music Professional best known as lead guitarist of Sugarcult. Side-project: Bad Astronaut (w/ Joey from Lagwagon)...

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  • Emily

    December 13, 2023 • Birthday

    Amazing! Thank you!

  • Andrew

    April 09, 2022 • Birthday

    Holy cow! Thank you so much Marko! You went above and beyond on this!

  • Yoshino

    December 11, 2021 • Gift

    Thank you so much . You really put a lot of effort in. Yoshino was so happy with this gift. From this guy in Scotland and a girl in Japan we want to thank you very much

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