Prince Tribute Artist, lookalike


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Prince Tribute Artist, lookalike


Prince double, Birthday wish, musician, Wedding, Valentines day, pep talk, Mark Anthon...

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  • Geri
    October 13th, 2022
    • Other
    Mark, Anthony, embodies, Prince, in a way that I have not seen before. Aside from looking exactly like him, he exudes the heart and soul of the artist, and makes you feel VERY MUCH like Prince is connected to you. My video was in the form of a positive daily affirmation, but I would give this gift to anyone who is a true fan. Absolutely incredible🙏🏽💜🙏🏽
  • Lisa
    June 13th, 2022
    • Birthday
    Love your 💜energy Mark Anthony aka Prince! Absolutely heartwarming and brilliant Cameo for my sister aka #1 Prince fan who said it was excellent as she went over all the fine little details you added to make it a Princely experience and has watched it over a dozen times already! You are a creative Superstar and put together the perfect Prince💜birthday Cameo gift that will be hard for anyone to top on her next birthday. Thanks so much for the memories. All the best to you💜☮️
  • Lei
    June 21st, 2023
    • Birthday
    This is THE BEST gift from my daughter! I was surprised and even started 2 cry! I’ve watched it so many times already. Mark Anthony is the REAL thing! He is very professional and creative. Thank U Mark 4 the ray of sunshine! 🙏🏽💜🕊️

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