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Maggie Lawson

Actor - Psych, Nancy Drew, Pleasantville

Super excited to finally be on Cameo. A portion of my proceeds will be going to The Ti...

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  • Anonymous
    February 4th, 2023
    • Other
    Thank you so much for your uplifting and amazing message Maggie! You have no idea how much joy and light you bring to the world. If only you could have seen Kerstin’s reaction! Did I mention she never goes a day without Psych?! Literally. Psycho! Haha. I also appreciate all of your kind words in the cameo you sent me just week prior! Wishing you all the best in the New Year! You are an incredible person, and will always have our support! Thank you again! God Bless.
  • Anonymous
    March 29th, 2023
    • Birthday
    Wow! The birthday video for my niece absolutely exceeded expectations! Maggie was thoughtful, fun and heartfelt and it came across as birthday wishes from a family member or friend that we've known for years. Maggie included just about all the notes submitted with the request and the video was amazing! Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    May 13th, 2023
    • Mother's Day
    I was so impressed by the cameo from Maggie Lawson! Seemed so authentic and my dil was blown away…. she actually started to tear up. Thank you for one of the best gifts I’ll probably ever give her:).

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