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Bachelorette 15

▪️Bachelorette S15 🌹 ▪️CrossFit Try-Hard ▪️Family Man ▪️Jesus + Nothing = Everything
▪️Bachelorette S15 🌹 ▪️CrossFit Try-Hard ▪️Family Man ▪️Jesus + Nothing = Everything

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Reviewed by M***** on September 22nd, 2020

Wow Luke! You have an amazing heart! I love your fire for Jesus. Everything you said was Holy Spirit driven!! So on point. It was so personal, incredible what God did through you to speak to my heart. I am so glad I ... more

Reviewed by d***** on January 6th, 2021

Bro!!! Your cameo totally made my day!! Your words were incredibly inspirational! You’re a great guy for real! Karma will treat you right buddy. You deserve the best. Never settle. Make sure you find someone worthy o... more

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Typically responds in
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