Just came back! ✨

Just came back! ✨

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Lajon Witherspoon

Vocalist - Sevendust

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Lajon Witherspoon, the iconic frontman of Sevendust, is known for his incredible vocal range and energetic live performances that have captivated fans for decades. Lajon...Lajon Witherspoon, the iconic frontman of Sevendust, is known for his incredible vocal range and energetic live performances that have captivated fans for decades. Lajon frequently receives personalized video requests from his devoted fanbase, covering a wide range of occasions - from birthday shoutouts to pep talks and words of encouragement. Whether he's being asked to send birthday wishes, congratulate someone on a special event, or offer motivational advice, Lajon always brings his signature blend of enthusiasm and sincerity that his fans absolutely adore. His Cameos often include personal anecdotes, inside jokes, or heartfelt messages that make each video truly one-of-a-kind. Lajon's loyal following adores him not just for his musical talents, but for his genuine connection with the Sevendust family, making him the perfect celebrity to bring a special touch to any occasion. Read less

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More about Lajon Witherspoon

Hey y’all I’m LaJon Witherspoon lead singer in Sevendust for 23 years! Loving father and husband

Joined Cameo: Sep 13, 2019

Recent reviews

4.93 (262)

The majority of reviews gave 5 stars and expressed gratitude for heartfelt, inspiring messages that highlighted the recipient. Many commented on how their friends/family loved the videos and some noted seeing the creator's sincerity. A few noted that reading the text on camera or seeming rushed detracted slightly from the message. Overall, most recipients were very pleased and looking forward to future shows.

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  • Nick Swanson

    Mon Jun 17 2024

    Great guy and amazing value for the cameo, he got to all of my crazy requests and was really thorough and kind and put in the effort. Best birthday gift ever. Thanks LJ!!!

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  • anlautenbu

    Sun Jun 16 2024

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Your video was the talk of the night and everyone was in awe. Thank you so much! My dad was so happy and felt so appreciated! The best gift I've gotten him. He would love to send you more military coins to add to your collection if you have a PO or any address you'd like him to send it to. My email is in my order for reference to get in touch. He'd be honored to send you some <3

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  • linz342

    Sun Jun 02 2024

    Was within the week, great attitude, great video! My husband is gonna love it! LJ is just a down to earth, cool guy.

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  • Marty Gillan

    Sun May 26 2024

    Thank you so much LJ! She loved it and had a blast meeting you in Dubuque! Also Jonnell loved her gift from you!.

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  • amaris.bel

    Sun May 12 2024

    My mother was ecstatic!!

    Read more


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