Redeem your gift card

Once you redeem your Cameo gift card, gift credit will be available to apply to your next purchase.

gift card

Gift card number

Currently redeemable only by individuals in the US with a US-based payment method.

Gift card

Keep in mind

Covering the cost

If your total differs from your gift card, you will need to use an additional payment method to pay the difference.

Never expires

Once redeemed, gift credit is available to book any Cameo product now or later. Book any of our tens of thousands of celebrities on Cameo’s website or app.


Gift credits can’t be used to pay for changes to existing orders.

Credit balance

Under the account section on the website or app, you’ll find Cameo gift credit with your current balance.


How do I redeem a gift card?

Do gift cards expire?

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Are gift cards only available in the United States?

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