Genie Francis

Genie Francis

Actor - General Hospital



Genie Francis is an actress, known for works such as Laura Spencer in General Hospital. Their birthday is May 26, 19...

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  • Anonymous

    March 13, 2021 • Birthday

    Hi Genie!! Thank you so much for this video!!! My wife is going to absolutely love it. She has adored you (and Laura) forever and I know she will be doing the ugly cry with happy tears over this. Since you asked in the video about her age, I’ll tell you that she was born a week before the first episode aired! Her mom and grandmother watched the show from the start and said she perked up in her crib when it came on. Probably a little parental hyperbole there, but she does still watch. You’re a national treasure!! ❤️

  • Anonymous

    February 02, 2021 • Birthday

    Genie, I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful and heartfelt birthday message you recorded for our mom’s birthday! She LOVED it and hasn’t stopped talking about it since! She is such a big fan of yours and couldn’t believe it was really you!!! Your video gave her the biggest smile and we are so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    November 07, 2020 • Birthday

    Genie was amazing! We loved how she connected to the information i sent of us watching her through the years and being parents. I wished I had captured the shock on my husbands face when I played the video and she appeared (his words were what! Shocked and amazed at the same time). Genie was the best birthday present (after 20 years it’s hard to find something to surprise your partner with)! I feel like I had a perfect excuse with Genie of why my present was late. Thank Genie for acknowledging it was a belated video and just being you. My husband always said Genie is known for being so amazing tI her fans and I very much found this to be true. This short video meant so much!!! I absolutely recommend her 100%

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