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Rapper - Actor - GaTa on FXX's Dave

Sunglasses Connoisseur 😎 Die Hard Pizza Lover 🍕
Sunglasses Connoisseur 😎 Die Hard Pizza Lover 🍕

Reviewed by K***** on January 3rd, 2021

GaTa came through and made my day! My boyfriend surprised me with GaTa's shout out to our cats, specifically my baby who might have cancer and is having surgery soon. GaTa won my heart on Dave, but thanks to his shou... more

Reviewed by A***** on January 2nd, 2021

Man what a cool cat!! Love this dude, get you one before he starts charging what he’s worth cause at this price it’s a steal. Thank you again GaTa, we can’t wait for season 2. Keep being you brother!!! All love from ... more
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