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Actor - Major League


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Corbin Bernsen's Cameo videos have a little something for everyone! As the hilarious Roger Dorn in Major League, he can dish out some classic tough...Corbin Bernsen's Cameo videos have a little something for everyone! As the hilarious Roger Dorn in Major League, he can dish out some classic tough love and sarcasm. But he also has a softer side, offering heartwarming birthday wishes and congratulatory messages for big life events like graduations and weddings. Fans often request nods to his iconic TV roles, like throwing in some Psych references for the Henry Spencer stans. Whether you're looking for laughs, inspiration, or just a personalized shoutout, Corbin's got you covered! Read less

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Psych, L.A. Law, Q2 on Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Punisher, American Gods, Psych The Resident,Seinfeld, The Dentist, Young & the Restless, Major League and everything in between

Joined Cameo: Feb 26, 2019

Recent reviews

4.99 (329)

Corbin Bernsen's Cameo videos receive rave reviews for their personalized touches, comedic elements that reference the creator's roles, and ability to deliver heartfelt messages. Many comments note feeling the messages were authentic and going above expectations. While requests cover various occasions, the creator shines at tailoring content and pace to capture the intended moment.

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  • Nathan Hall

    Wed Jun 05 2024

    5th year running we got Travis a birthday Cameo from Corbin, and he continues to deliver unique and funny messages as part of this wonderful tradition.

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  • Karan Gilday

    Mon May 13 2024

    Mr. Bernsen did a terrific job with the Cameo. He was genuine in his interest, sincere in his delivery, and provided fun and insightful wisdom to the recipient. Grace loved it, and the cameo has been shared with many family members and friends. It was like talking with a friend....we got to know him and who he is just a little bit more as well. The biggest compliment we can pay him was from a comment made by a viewer..."he's a really nice guy." Many thanks for providing her this gift!

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  • jenn.eppen

    Mon Feb 26 2024

    I was super impressed with Corbin's video - was not expecting it to be as long as it was and he even shared a personal story about his 40th birthday (this was for my friend's 40th). She loved it and it was very much appreciated!

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  • Candice Cleveland

    Sun Dec 24 2023

    Such a great video! I can’t wait to share this with my Husband on his birthday!!!

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  • jayfly1293

    Tue Nov 28 2023

    Thank you Corbin for your amazing cameo for my engagement and your role in The Resident which we believe is one of the most underrated shows ever. Your video will be a huge surprise to my gf and she will love it. I can't thank you enough.

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