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Bridget Regan

Actress - Jane the Virgin, John Wick, The Last Ship, Agent Carter

Hey everybody! Bridget Regan here. I’m so excited to connect with you - a portions of ...

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  • Anonymous
    April 16th, 2023
    • Question
    Thank you sooo much !!! It’s perfect 🫶🫶 a cameo longer than 3 minutes wow, That's so cool!! Very happy to have heard your answers!❤️ idk if you have TikTok but I have an edit account called drstevcarter and my brother's is called evil.carter, we are also on Instagram so feel free to go check it out😇 Anyway thank you thank you thank you, you made our day💕💕
  • Anonymous
    February 7th, 2023
    • Birthday
    OMGG!!!I was SO happy when I saw it, I am speechless!!I can't describe how amazing&incredible this woman is❣️You're my idol and role model❣️You not only made my day but my entire life, your positive impact is vast!My questions were:Was d knife in Rose's leg fake&Were u with any clothes on in RoisaPoolKissScene?It'd mean the WORLD to me if you follow me in Insta:@bridgetregan_beautyoftheworld Facebook:Maya Hristanova or Twitter:@BridgiReganIdol, pleaseee❣️🥺it'd be much easier to discuss ur&Alessia's Rome convention
  • Anonymous
    May 30th, 2023
    • Birthday
    It was great! Thank you very much for your time and sincerity. The details you shared will become great memories with us. Wish you and your family have the best of everything.

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