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Xander Berkeley

Actor - Walking Dead - Terminator


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Xander Berkeley is a beloved character actor who has brought his trademark charm and wit to a wide variety of roles, from the smarmy yet...Xander Berkeley is a beloved character actor who has brought his trademark charm and wit to a wide variety of roles, from the smarmy yet lovable Gregory on The Walking Dead to the loyal and tenacious George Mason on 24. Fans love Xander's ability to play complex, morally ambiguous characters that often steal the show. In his Cameo videos, Xander enjoys connecting with his dedicated fanbase, whether that's wishing them a happy birthday, offering words of encouragement, or even playfully roasting them. Xander's fans appreciate his willingness to embrace the quirky requests that come his way, like dishing out tough love as Gregory or channeling his 24 character to give a shout-out. With his warm personality and acting prowess, Xander is sure to deliver a personalized video that will delight his many admirers. Read less

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Average video length: 02:07

Last completed video: 06/14/2024

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TheMandalorian, The Walking Dead, 24, T2, Shanghai Noon, Gattaca, Air Force One, A Few Good Men, Apollo 13,etc Pop Culture fixture for 40yrs 😅

Joined Cameo: Sep 05, 2019

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5.00 (75)

This actor shines in personalized videos, often offering quick turnaround. Reviews praise thoughtful, casual, and lengthy messages that seem genuine. Recipients are often surprised and thrilled by authentic anecdotes and kind words for their special occasions.

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  • williamjcr

    Wed Jun 12 2024

    Wonderful. Couldn't ask for more it was a big hit

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  • TL Moore

    Tue May 07 2024

    I can’t help it but I had tears in my eyes, the message for my wife was absolutely perfect, heartfelt, funny, warm and it far exceeded any expectation I could have had. Mr Berkeley is such a figurehead in our most favorite shows having him leave such a caring personalized message is astounding Forever grateful for your effort and I can’t wait till her birthday tomorrow to share it with her, holding it in is excruciating! Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart this absolutely rocked!!!!

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  • Lucas Towle

    Mon Apr 08 2024

    I think your tiredness missed the part in the message where I DID PASS :) thank you very much again!

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  • Anonymous

    Thu Apr 04 2024

    This was incredible! Fast delivery, and great response! Thank you!

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  • jmccormick

    Sun Mar 31 2024

    Just the message I needed to send my graduating class off into the world. Thank you very much.

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