William Fichtner


William Fichtner

William Fichtner

Actor - The Dark Knight - Prison Break - Mom



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  • Anonymous

    January 27, 2021 • Give Thanks

    Bill, thank you for your kind and wonderful video. It really made me happy and made me cry. I'm really, really happy. You are truly a wonderful person. Your acting, your personality, and of course your face, And the muscles. 💪 I love you so much❤️ The video you sent me is a treasure. I watch them every day. I will always love and support you. Thank you, Bill, for all your kindness. I wish you good health. I will always think of you. With love...

  • Anonymous

    January 13, 2021 • Pep Talk

    Mr. Fichtner! William! Thank you so much for the pep talk Cameo you did several months ago for my husband of 20 years, Chris, the "disheartened grocery store manager"! I wanted to give him an unforgettable experience, something that would make him forget the world's chaos for just a moment, and you exceeded my hopes in every way! His jaw dropped, he laughed his a$$ off. He replays the video and emulates your double-handed "bird" gesture all the time now...ha! I appreciate your sincerity, time and warmth. You've always impressed us as a hardworking actor who is dedicated and giving, and you brought that to this venture as well, even though you didn't have to. Since our video was private, some might have put less effort into it since no one would see it in their example feed, but you gave it everything you had. You were so sincere and personal. It's like you don't mind doing this for your fans at a time like this, and it shows. I am so grateful. Oh, and cheers for the shout out to me as well! Ha! That was a surprise! We'll always be watching your work and rooting for you, William. Stay healthy at home, all our best to you and your family. Always, Meg (and Chris!)

  • Anonymous

    January 05, 2021 • Birthday

    Very well done, covered all the topics I sent in. Completed in timely manner. Again well done.

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