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For Tishia (Tish-a)3

"My mom said this was the best gift that she’s ever received, and still can’t get over it and thinks about it every day! We love you and thank you so much!!!!"

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    Tishia Lynch9 months ago

    Hi CJ! I want to express my sincere gratitude and ever-lasting elatement over the happy birthday wishes you so thoughtfully sent to me!! It's the best birthday present ever from my son James, the best son on the planet! I am one of your biggest fans and have had the pleasure of seeing you perform many times and meeting you a couple of times as well! I have taken James to see you many times as well and he now performs your songs with his own band because he too has become a huge fan! I completely broke down when James showed me your birthday video to me and can't wait to see you again to thank you in person! Thank you again, you have made my dream come true!!!!:) Tishia

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    James Lynch9 months ago

    Thank you so much CJ!!! I had to create a new account because of email issues but this is me, James! My mom absolutely loved the cameo, and oh how I’ll never forget, her jaw was dropped for 10 seconds straight as she started crying at the same time in disbelief that YOU, her biggest crush and favorite rockstar were talking directly to her! She’s going to comment separately to thank you, but I wanted to thank you for as she said “the coolest gift anyone’s ever given her”! Can’t wait to see you again in Wisconsin this year!!!

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    CJ Snare9 months ago

    Let me know your thoughts. I put my heart into this. Please comment on Cameo.

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