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For Shithead (aka Macca)0

"Tommy! T-Bone! T-Lee! How to convey what a message means to a guy who’s loyally worshipped at thy lewd, crude and tattooed altar for three decades. It’s that blissful summer in ‘89 with an ear glued to the speaker after someone hands this ten year old Too Fast For Love on cassette while radio endlessly pumps the sonic new one, Dr. Feelgood. It’s the bedroom wall where you sneer at me from all angles -roof to floor. It’s the countless, faded tees. It’s the skater kids with mullets berating me on the street because I look too young to know the Crüe and wear that tee. It’s the ability to recite the Uncensored video word for word. It’s marvelling at an older kid playing Sticky Sweet on guitar and deciding then and there that I too will play. It’s parents still apologising for claiming I was too little to see the show in 1990. It’s staying up around the clock, remote in hand watching all-night music programmes waiting to record that latest Crüe video. Its ditching school in ‘94 to blast that new record. It’s the head-splitting thrill of seeing you live on the drums and decks each and every time you return to Melbourne. It’s buying my way into a strip club / after party just to be in the same room as yourself and that other legend, Lemmy. It’s waking up because a Motley snippet can be heard on the TV from another room or detecting your voice and songs on radio at the faintest of volumes (a skill which never ceases to amaze my wife). It’s the validation when Crüe Heads old and new seek my Motley wisdom and approval after reading The Dirt or Tommyland... and despite the party having drawn to its binding close - it’s that incredible moment when my best mates send me a 40th birthday message from the very guy who continues to define my entire outlook - an idol, a rock monolith, a hands-down super fkn’ rad dude who makes my head spin and the hairs stand on end each time I watch the video he sent... me! Thank you sir, for all of this and so much more. Love Shit Head (aka Andrew McDonald)."