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For Tanika de Koning1

"aw Philip Michael i loved you in Mama mia i enjoyed it so much and evrytime i see that movie my hearts is happy again and i sing alot with all those songs. i know you do much more! and wauw thank you for your sweet personal message and that you wanne share it with your friends....its warms my heart even more yes indeed i wanne see the whole world but India is my destiny country since childhood it calls me. i know i need to be there i have alot contacts that are ready to work with me in bollywood...but even more inportant i wanne meet my finciale adoptet child i whas 19 and she whas 10 and i support all the journey with here she is know 18 years old and here dream is coming true she is going to college and i just singed that i promised to support here again 3 years for collage but i know myself i will support here my whole life. oure dreams is all the time that whe know eachother to meet eachtother i just wanne be there for here for real look at here and letting here know she is loved real loved. i wanne inspire people change people the few of what someone can ore not can change the world is changing with yourself. and ofcourse i wanne she beautiful India so much as possible and be a part of one magical country. fun thing i know a well know celebrity person he thinks i fit better in Hollywood and yes that will be magical as well! again i wanne see the whole world. but first India life is so preciouse so short and today whe get if whe are lucky and you are not promised tommorow so live life like its the last. i need to go to India and be one with my destiny one with the soul i know my life will change there. and hey! who knows if i'm in bollywood ore i even make my own movie ;) i make high fashion and art as well you can be a part in that as well. anyway thank you for you true sweet personal message and thank you for your kindess! ps. i wanne make a reaction video i hope i can make this later when my voice is back hopfully. thank you with all the love"

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