Shooter McGavin


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Shooter McGavin

Actor - Happy Gilmore

Known for Happy Gilmore, Quiz Show, The Iron Giant, Hacks, Secret Invasion, The Watc...

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  • Anonymous
    September 18th, 2023
    • Roast
    Incredible...just incredible. My 1998 high school chat group absolutely loved you Chris. You really made today a great day and your ability to adlib my request went above and beyond expectations. Thank you so much!
  • Anonymous
    August 20th, 2023
    • Birthday
    Absolutely awesome. Thanks so much Christopher, Aka “Shooter”! Such attention to detail. I’m sure my friend will be thrilled! You’re a legend.
  • Anonymous
    August 27th, 2023
    • Other
    Very thankful for Christopher (Shooter) taking the time to make the video for my friend and researching some of the places/things I mentioned in the overview. So pumped to have an actor willing to help and make someone’s day!

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