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Actress - Army Wives


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Sally Pressman is a beloved actress best known for playing the sassy and spirited Roxy on the hit TV show Army Wives. Fans love how...Sally Pressman is a beloved actress best known for playing the sassy and spirited Roxy on the hit TV show Army Wives. Fans love how Roxy always had her friends' backs, and they've continued to watch Sally in other roles like Grey's Anatomy and Good Girls. Sally frequently gets requests to recreate Roxy's memorable one-liners and give shoutouts to fellow Army Wives superfans, often for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Her personalized videos are a fun way for devoted viewers to feel connected to their favorite characters and to receive some words of encouragement from this talented and kind-hearted performer. Read less

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Average video length: 01:29

Last completed video: 06/15/2024

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Actress 🤗 Army Wives, Good Girls, Greys Anatomy, Younger

Joined Cameo: Aug 18, 2020

Recent reviews

5.00 (41)

This creator sends heartfelt, thoughtful and genuine video messages that consistently receive 5-star reviews for brightening recipients' days. She connects well with fans and takes the time to personalize each cameo after understanding the reason for the request. Reviews highlight her kindness, warmth and ability to make people feel truly appreciated through her words.

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  • emsmmc2013

    Thu Feb 15 2024

    Definitely one of the best Valentine's Day gifts ever!!! I did this as a gift for my wife, but after receiving this cameo from Sally and her amazing kindness and sweet words, I ended up with an awesome gift for myself as well!!! Thank you Sally for taking the time to create an unforgettable memory for the both of us! ❤️

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  • Jordan Fuit

    Thu Feb 08 2024

    I could not have been more thrilled than I was seeing Sally's message to my husband. She is transparently kind, authentic, funny, gorgeous as ever, and palpably enjoys connecting with her fans. A+++, I might have to ask her to surprise my mom (also a huge Army Wives fan) next!

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  • Kirstie Marcinko

    Fri Oct 13 2023

    This was so amazing! Thank you so much for the cameo! My friend loved her birthday gift!

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  • t.hajjar5

    Sun May 14 2023

    I requested this video as a surprise to my mom for Mother’s Day and she loved it. She had never heard of cameo and thought that somehow I had personally messaged Sally to request the video! My mom also said the message Sally shared in the video was very genuine and thoughtful. Thanks so much Sally for making my mom’s Mother’s Day so special and I hope you enjoyed your special day with your family. Wishing you continued happiness & health.

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  • Kelly Noyes

    Thu Mar 02 2023

    Hi Sally~ Thank you so very much for a kind and thoughtful message! I sincerely appreciate your time. You’re wonderful!

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