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Patrick Fabian

Actor - Better Call Saul, Saved by the Bell


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Patrick Fabian's personalized Cameo videos are always a hit with his fans! Whether they're looking for some legal advice, a pep talk, or just a...Patrick Fabian's personalized Cameo videos are always a hit with his fans! Whether they're looking for some legal advice, a pep talk, or just a cheerful birthday message, Patrick delivers with his signature charm and wit. He often gets requests to channel his iconic Better Call Saul character Howard Hamlin, offering sage wisdom or playfully roasting the recipient. Fans love when Patrick references specific characters, shows, or famous quotes from the BCS universe. His videos are a great gift for law school grads, diehard BCS fans, or anyone who could use a little extra motivation from their favorite TV lawyer. Read less

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Last completed video: yesterday at 9:53 PM

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Head of HHM/Taught Zack & Kelly/Thantos The Darkness/Exorcised the Devil/ Maybe kissed Xena. 👉benefitting Entertainment Community Fund, helping artists on both sides of the camera👈

Joined Cameo: Aug 19, 2022

Recent reviews

5.00 (472)

Offers thoroughly personalized videos that are often much longer than expected. He displays an enthusiasm for the requests and aims to evoke laughter while also providing heartfelt messages. Reviews commend his improvisational skills and note that he goes above and beyond to tailor the videos with thoughtful details.

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  • Mark Pignotti

    Fri May 24 2024

    By far the BEST Cameo I have ever received. Patrick was awesome and took the time to mention the facts about my son in a very creative and entertaining way. He did 8 minutes and seemed to really care about doing a good job and making it worthwhile. Mission accomplished. Some celebs have just mailed it in. Patricks Cameo should be a model for others to reference. It is not easy to put a smile on (now) 22 year old. But Patrick managed to do that. He made his day. And I am appreciative. Dad

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  • Phil Mathew

    Wed May 22 2024

    Thank you so much! You did a great job as professor lasky again! It gave me enthusiasm as a professor and I show that to my students! Thanks for being a great inspiration!

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  • samsalt1

    Mon May 20 2024

    This was awesome. Patrick was a true professional and my son absolutely loved it! Thank you.

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  • Anonymous

    Fri May 10 2024

    The video was perfect and made my best friends whole week, thank you so much! Wish you'd go to the Comin Con in Novi MI on the 18th. Or any Comic Con closer to the Mid-West :) We'd love to meet you. Again thank you for being such an amazing actor and person!

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  • Andrew Porterfield

    Fri May 03 2024

    I expected him to exceed my expectations somehow (I know that doesn’t make sense) but he absolutely nailed it. The quality and effort far outweighs the cost — it was so worth it!!

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