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Jax Taylor

Bravo - Vanderpump Rules, house of villains

For personal/ private messages only! For business messages please contact, Lori ...

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  • Anonymous

    September 14, 2023 • Birthday

    Thank you again, Jax! I just shared your Cameo with my wife and her first words were “no fucking way!” 🤣. Appreciate you helping me start her birthday off right and she definitely agrees I am a lucky dude. She has already said we will be tuning into House of Villains in October and we both have a work event in San Diego in December so if we can swing it we will definitely make a trip up to LA to check out your new bar. Keep doing what you do and take care man!

  • Anonymous

    August 11, 2023 • Birthday

    Better than we could’ve imagined. Jax is amazing, it was seriously like a video call from a friend! After losing our best friend, VPR was an amazing binge. We’ve grieved with you guys, so it makes this personalized message that much sweeter. Thank you and Brittany so much for sharing your lives with us. You truly do not know the comfort & laughs you guys have given us. Thank you so much. Adding extra because we know you donate your proceeds to esophageal cancer. ❤️ Thank you so much. Hope to see you in September.

  • Anonymous

    September 08, 2023 • Pep Talk

    The great Jax Taylor!!! I gave this to my husband as a gift at our wedding reception and couldn't be happier with the video! It was funny and personal - right down to the final detail! I actually felt like it was a msg from a friend!!! And getting relationship/marriage advice from Jax Taylor was the absolute best gift a wife could give her husband! :-) Thank you Jax! Hope to see you on VPR season 11!!

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