Miranda Hart


Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart




Comedian, actor, writer. It’s Miranda from Miranda! And Chummy from Call the Midwife. And Nancy from Spy. And other ...

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  • Anonymous

    August 26, 2023 • Other

    Miranda Hart is as lovely and kind as I had hoped! Beyond being Such Fun, this message was heartwarming (and much appreciated). As we all navigate the vicissitudes of The Human Experience, it is a gift to allow time for sharing our humanity—ideally with grace and compassion—with others. I believe that we achieved this in reciprocity. Thanks very much.

  • Anonymous

    October 17, 2023 • Other

    This arrived just in time for a birthday present which I wasn’t expecting-so fast! My daughter will love it,can’t wait to show her.Really ,personal chatty and friendly she will definitely feel like she has a new best friend in Miranda as well as being her biggest fan.My girl has special needs and getting the right present is so tricky -she can watch this on her iPad whenever she likes and show all her friends at school too. Thankyou Miranda-so pleased the perfect end to an excellent birthday!

  • Anonymous

    August 30, 2023 • Birthday

    Miranda! Thank you so much for wishing Misty a happy birthday. We were on vacation, and the morning of her birthday, I told her there was a message for her. She was blown away! We’re both such huge fans and this was so special. She loved all your references to the show, which we both know and love so well. It was the start of a beautiful day and I’m so great for your kindness. All the best! ~Allan

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