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Reality TV Star - Naked and Afraid


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Matt Wright's Cameo videos are a must-see for any fan of Naked and Afraid! Whether customers are looking for an inspirational pep talk, a hilarious...Matt Wright's Cameo videos are a must-see for any fan of Naked and Afraid! Whether customers are looking for an inspirational pep talk, a hilarious roast, or just some friendly survival advice, Matt delivers every time with his signature savage style. From helping customers celebrate birthdays and anniversaries to offering encouragement for their own wilderness adventures, Matt crafts each video with his trademark blend of enthusiasm and expertise. Fans can expect plenty of stories and behind-the-scenes details from Matt's time on the show, as well as heartwarming shoutouts for their loved ones. No matter the occasion, Matt's videos are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face - just don't ask him to hunt without his shirt on! Read less

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Star on Discovery Channel Naked&Afraid. Best known as The SAVAGE for my ability to accomplish what’s never been done. Owner of Extreme Instinct LLC. Striving daily to inspire people around the world.

Joined Cameo: Dec 05, 2022

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4.99 (129)

Matt's videos earn rave reviews for their personalized touch based on provided details. Requestors say he goes above and beyond to craft heartfelt, authentic messages that recipients genuinely appreciate. Many are impressed with how quickly he responds and delivers high-quality videos.

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  • Samantha Rogers Barnett

    Sat Jun 15 2024

    Matt did an amazing job sending my husband a Father's Day video. He was thorough and really hit the key notes I asked for. My husband was thrilled!

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  • Anonymous

    Sat Jun 01 2024

    Matt took the script and ran with it. Really came up with some good lines despite the limited instructions. My wife enjoyed a wonderful, personalized, 7:30pm celebration message, setting it apart from most other 7:30s, except the obvious one.

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  • ndevos25

    Wed May 15 2024

    This cameo was for my wife from her kids for Mother’s Day. Even though we didn’t set it up until Friday she still got it Sunday. And it was so awesome. Thanks Matt

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  • kristin779

    Mon May 13 2024

    Matt is just one of those people who never disappoint. My friend absolutely LIT up over the video he made her. He has such a kind heart and the video really reflected that. Thank you Matt! You are one of a kind!!!

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  • Bridget Armendariz

    Fri Feb 16 2024

    Thank you, Matt you’re so incredible! I know you made my dad’s day! I really appreciate your kind spirit and genuine heart and how personal you made that video. Take care

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