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Kevin L. Johnson

Actor - Ozark - Stranger Things - Walking Dead


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Fans of the hit show Ozark can't get enough of Kevin L. Johnson's hilarious and quirky portrayal of Sam Dermody. In their personalized videos, Kevin...Fans of the hit show Ozark can't get enough of Kevin L. Johnson's hilarious and quirky portrayal of Sam Dermody. In their personalized videos, Kevin often takes on Sam's signature eccentricities, delivering upbeat messages laced with references to the show's gritty world of money laundering. Whether congratulating someone on a birthday or offering words of encouragement, Kevin expertly channels Sam's offbeat charm, much to the delight of devoted Ozark fans. With his comedic talent and willingness to lean into the role, Kevin's Cameos are a must-have for any true Ozark enthusiast. Read less

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More about Kevin L. Johnson

Hey everybody! Sam from Netflix’s Ozark here! Love interacting with fans of the show! Also, Victor Creel from Stranger Things season 4 this year!

Joined Cameo: Jan 19, 2019

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4.91 (100)

This actor excels at personalizing videos and providing insightful behind-the-scenes perspectives from his most notable role on a popular crime drama series. Across numerous five-star reviews, recipients consistently appreciate the heartfelt messages, laughter, and excitement created by specifically addressing details from their requests.

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  • Matthew R. Welich

    Fri May 03 2024

    Hey Sam thank you so much for the message to my wife ! It was much appreciated! My grandfather was/is a huge fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer and he has a conversation with Esther Hicks and I saw the secret and am familiar with law of attraction things. Positive mental attitude - gratitude - my grandpa always instilled in us grandkids. God bless you! Also my wife does a legit Ruth impression - while you’re my fave character Ruth is hers. May your day be blessed! Thanks again!

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  • Ido Angel-Bohadana

    Mon Feb 05 2024

    Thanks for making this so personal and heartwarming!

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  • timsinks

    Tue Jun 13 2023

    Kevin was extremely candid in his cameo for my fiancé. She is a big fan of Ozark and Kevin was kind enough to share some behind the scenes perspective. He is a class act.

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  • Anonymous

    Tue May 02 2023

    Awesome man, we’re both huge Ozark fans and he absolutely loved this! Amazing turnaround time. Keep rockin it 🤘

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  • Brittany

    Mon Jan 02 2023

    I requested a video for my MIL for her 60th birthday. She is a recent Ozark fan and fell in love with the show. This was the perfect gift! What Kevin sent couldn't have been better! We used his video to tell her where we were taking her dinner and what we were doing after. Such an incredible thing to get for someone. I highly recommend Kevin for a gift to a friend or loved one. Also, he returned the video so quickly! Wasn't expecting that as I ordered it the day before Christmas. Absolutely incredible 😁 Thank you!

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