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John Schneider's personalized Cameo videos are a hit with fans who grew up watching him as Bo Duke on the iconic TV show Dukes of...John Schneider's personalized Cameo videos are a hit with fans who grew up watching him as Bo Duke on the iconic TV show Dukes of Hazzard. From recounting funny stories and behind-the-scenes scoop about the show to shouting out famous quotes or sending warm birthday messages, John delivers a personalized experience that celebrates his fans' love of the Dukes. Whether the video is for a birthday, anniversary, or just a fun surprise, John's charming personality and signature 'Yeehaw!' are sure to delight. Read less

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Average video length: 01:15

Last completed video: 05/09/2024

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I’m here to answer your Hollywood questions, y’all! The Dukes of Hazzard to Smallville to The Haves and Have Nots. I’m looking forward to answering your questions! PS- NO endorsements though!

Joined Cameo: Aug 22, 2018

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4.95 (245)

Reviews indicate the creator consistently provides quick, personable videos. He displays an enthusiasm for connecting with fans and a strong memory of his roles. Videos often include specific details provided and personalized messages, bringing joy to recipients.

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  • Ed Shibley

    Sat May 11 2024

    John did an excellent job! He mentioned the things I requested. It was exactly what I hoped for. Turnaround time and quality was great. My wife is going to love it. Thank you John!

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  • rachelldat

    Thu May 09 2024

    John this video was amazing! My mom, Brenda, is going to absolutely flip. What a great way to wish her a Happy Mother's Day! Thank YOU!

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  • kgr79080

    Wed May 08 2024

    Super happy with the video! Ordered on Saturday night and had it by Monday morning. Absolutely stoked! I can't wait for my dads birthday to show him, he's going to be beyond shocked and ecstatic. Video was authentic, personal and lovely. Thank you to John Schneider for being a great, genuine person and embracing his fans.

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  • Anonymous

    Sat Feb 03 2024

    This was beautiful and I know I may not have much time with my mother but this meant the world to her. She said that you will never know how much this mean’s to her. Thank you. She said thank you because it’s hard but your words gave her so much comfort. God bless

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  • Mark Chapin

    Mon Jan 22 2024

    Thank you so much! I want the General polished for a parade! Talking to a childhood hero! I heard the 00 is the only car to beat the General overland! Blasphemous!

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