Joey Belladonna


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Joey Belladonna

Vocalist - Drummer - Anthrax

Lead Singing song writer Drummer a a

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  • Anonymous
    May 23rd, 2023
    • Birthday
    Joey, thank you so much for the great and friendly video you made for Stephanie! You nailed it! She loved every minute of it! The best part of the video is how personal you made it. It felt like a real friend having a conversation with us and we both appreciate your time, your friendly personality, and your talent and ability of being a great front man! Thank you again, Joey! See ya in Milwaukee at Metal Fest in a few days! We’ll be in the front row! 👍🏻🤘🏼
  • Anonymous
    April 21st, 2023
    • Other
    The message was great! Joey was very sincere and made it very personal. We have gotten to know him over the years so it was extra special to hear him talk of our acquaintance. We were very excited to see it wasn't a 30 second message which I was expecting. 16 minutes!! I'm sure not everyone does this. Joey is very kind and humble and treats his fans like real people. That is what makes him a special celebrity. No attitude or ego. See you at Wallys Joey!!
  • Anonymous
    May 19th, 2023
    • Question
    Joey is so amazing!!! My 8 year old son was begging me to get him a Cameo from Joey. It was like 14 min long!!! My son has watched it countless times! I am so impressed. He now wants so spend his monthly allowance on cameos with Joey. Thank you so much Joey aka THE METAL GOD.

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