Just came back! ✨

Just came back! ✨

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Jodi Weatherton

MTV - The Challenge

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Known as a fierce competitor and fan favorite on MTV's hit reality show The Challenge, Jodi Weatherton has made a name for themselves with their...Known as a fierce competitor and fan favorite on MTV's hit reality show The Challenge, Jodi Weatherton has made a name for themselves with their impressive wins, straight-shooting personality, and dedication to their craft. Fans love ordering personalized Cameo videos from Jodi to wish their loved ones good luck, get advice on life and careers, and just celebrate their shared love of the show. Jodi is always happy to offer words of encouragement, toss in some friendly teasing, and share behind-the-scenes stories about their time on the series. Whether it's hyping up a friend for an upcoming challenge, roasting a sibling on their birthday, or sending a supportive message to a fan going through a tough time, Jodi brings their signature energy and enthusiasm to every video. Read less

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Average video length: 05:37

Last completed video: 01/14/2024

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Reality TV Star - The Challenge MTV Road Rules X-treme 13 🏆 MTV The Duel 🏆 MTV The Gauntlet 2 🏆 The Challenge All Stars 2 The Challenge World Championship

Joined Cameo: Mar 06, 2023

Recent reviews

5.00 (15)

  • Anonymous

    Sun Jan 14 2024

    Amazing thank you!!!! It means a lot!!! Hope to see you on the show again soon!!

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  • saraheure

    Mon Sep 25 2023

    Thank you so much Jodi! Your video made my birthday! I loved your reflection on Road Rules and The Challenge! You inspire me so much every day and made me so happy!

    Read more

  • Anonymous

    Tue Sep 12 2023

    Get Jodi on the next season!! Easily the best Cameo I've ever ordered. Jodi is incredible - such a great competitor and gave us so much more in the Cameo than we could have hoped for. Will be cheering extra hard for ya in every season moving forward!!

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  • Seth

    Sun Jun 11 2023

    You are amazing!!!!!!

    Read more

  • Lizzie Donaldson

    Wed Jun 07 2023

    Jodi you are so sweet and thoughtful, my fiancé adored your video!! Thank you so much for putting such time and care into the cameo. You made me look good by proxy!!

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