Just came back! ✨

Just came back! ✨

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Jack Hartmann

Children's Entertainer

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Jack Hartmann is a beloved children's music star who has won the hearts of students, teachers, and parents alike with his catchy tunes and interactive...Jack Hartmann is a beloved children's music star who has won the hearts of students, teachers, and parents alike with his catchy tunes and interactive learning videos. Fans often request personalized videos from Jack to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, graduations, and the end of the school year. Jack is known for shouting out students by name, mentioning their favorite characters and activities, and even incorporating inside jokes about his videos into the messages. Teachers love using Jack's content in their classrooms to make learning fun, and they appreciate how he tailors videos to encourage and motivate their students. Whether it's a pep talk for a big test, a congratulatory message for a milestone, or simply a cheerful greeting, a personalized video from Jack is guaranteed to put a smile on any young fan's face! Read less

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Children's Entertainer - Singer/Songwriter - YouTuber If you order on a Friday, please be aware that I may not be able to record your video message until Monday.

Joined Cameo: Jun 10, 2022

Recent reviews

4.98 (123)

The videos receive overwhelmingly positive reviews for being quickly delivered and highly personalized, with the creator notably enthusiastically engaging children and bringing joy through song, jokes and remembering details.

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  • mrs.clevel

    Wed Jun 05 2024

    Outstanding! The video was specific with details, quick turnaround and made the recipients whole birthday! So genuine and amazing!

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  • Anonymous

    Wed Jun 05 2024

    Absolutely amazing. Nailed it! Could not of asked for a better video. Thanks again!!

    Read more

  • michelle rangel

    Tue Jun 04 2024

    Thank you so much, Jack! I know my son and his classmates will love the video. Thank you for getting all their names and the personalization of it all. Our house loves listening to your music, you bring so much happiness to my kids. The turnaround for the video was so quick too! Thank you for taking your time and making it super special for them.

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  • aatcomerfo

    Fri May 31 2024

    Thank you so much! I love the video! It was fun, personalized and just perfect! Thank you so much for the smiles and great memories that this video provided along with all of your videos and songs!

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  • Emma Brooks

    Thu May 30 2024

    This video was amazing! Can’t wait to sing along with Jack and the class. Thank you!!

    Read more

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