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Stay calm. Breathe. Have fun. You can’t really be romantic with someone if you don’t dig their smell.

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  • Anonymous

    December 01, 2022 • Other

    A+++++++Ms. Gershon creates one of the most fantastic Cameos ..just like her great film performances. She is very careful about her background and camera work...more than anyone else. She answers all questions with great recollections, honesty & true humor. She is right on in her insights about the film industry & life. I love her even more after watching her Cameo. I look forward to Gina bringing many more characters to life & meeting fans @ live conventions. Many thanks & all the best always-Dr. Robert W Chan

  • Leonora

    January 06, 2023 • Other

    🤩 Thank you Gina and Louie!... another amazing cameo... she always makes you feel comfortable like you're sitting with her in person, in her home chatting with her....*sigh*...🥰😅

  • Anonymous

    December 26, 2022 • Other

    Best Christmas ever!!! 😅 I'm thinking, ok, she's probably too busy to do a cameo so maybe after the holidays...then yay! 😄 omg I get a cameo on Christmas day! How awesome is that!?! She's amazing and the sweetest, love her!

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