Emily Rose


Emily Rose

Emily Rose

Actress - Haven, Uncharted



Wife. Mom. Actress. Friend. Goofball. twitter:@emilyrosela

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  • Anonymous

    August 30, 2023 • Pep Talk

    Ms. Rose, I gave you a daunting task and you handled it exquisitely! I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your video message to my best friend, who was just diagnosed with leukemia was so positive and extremely well received. Your inclusion of a prayer for/with him was so genuine and heartfelt. Unexpected perfection! What you didn't know, we were baptized together in the Colorado River in 2013, so that prayer meant the world to us. Thank you! Please stay blessed! You are loved!

  • Vanessa

    May 21, 2023 • Birthday

    Thank you so much Emily for what you did for my wife’s bday. We are huge uncharted fans and you were the last person to get a cameo from that franchise. I’ll be honest as I wasn’t happy at all with the first one and Emily messaged me, apologized and offered to do another one for free. I declined and she did it anyway. She absolutely nailed it, did outstanding, told a beautiful story and was so personable in the video. I apologize if I was harsh on you and thank you for caring and your professionalism. You’re a gem.

  • Anonymous

    February 16, 2023 • Question

    Thank you so much Emily, this was awesome! Really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences in Uncharted. As a VO talent myself, you've been a great inspiration to me. Hope to see you out there too one day! And thank you for bringing so much life & personality to Elena. I grew up with Uncharted and still play them to this day. So it was really cool hearing from you, Emily. Can't thank you enough!

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