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Cassandra Coleman

Reality TV - American Idol

singing, ginger girl trying to contribute what I can on this beautiful earth 💛

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  • Anonymous
    May 16th, 2021
    Cassandra, you are such a ray of sunshine! 💜 Thank you so much for the lovely and heartfelt Cameo message, and for the gorgeous Adele song (that’s one of my favourites!). It brought happy tears to my eyes. 😍 I am so excited for the music you will continue to share with the world. Blessings and prayers always, fellow Star Wars fan! Love to you!
  • Lauren
    April 28th, 2021
    • Other
    Thanks so much, the video for Lauren is perfect. We watch Idol together and call you “our girl”! We can’t wait to buy your albums and listen to more of your songs. You are a wonderful singer and you do not let being on tv compromise your walk with Christ. You are a light to the world. I hope to meet you in person some day and maybe even sing together. Zach and I are members at O’Conner Road Church of Christ in San Antonio, Tx so you have several places in Texas you could visit, we’d love to have you. -Yareli Olson
  • Elizabeth
    June 9th, 2021
    • Birthday
    Absolutely outstanding- I was so moved and would have paid A LOT more for these encouraging words to my daughter. What an incredibly thoughtful and genuine Cameo message! Cassandra seemed to carefully read the few words I had space to write and out of them somehow really “got” my kiddo. Everything Cassandra said was spot-on. The bonus was seeing her friend and hearing them sing a birthday duet! Thank you Cameo and Cassandra for this birthday present we will always remember!

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