Andrew Lee Potts


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Andrew Lee Potts

Actor- Primeval, Alice

British Actor, Director, best known for role of Connor Temple in cult show Primeval an...

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  • Amanda
    December 19th, 2022
    • Advice
    Absolutely loved it! She cried, she laughed! To hear her favorite actor give her advice and to relate to her like you did was amazing! She definitely feels renewed in her endeavors! It was so inspirational and light hearted and just so funny! She said it was so Andrew lee Potts! Just above and beyond! I cannot express how amazing this was and the amount my best friend lit up at seeing this video made my day as well! She has birthdays and more events in her life that I will definitely be having you help celebrate!
  • Anonymous
    December 1st, 2022
    • Birthday
    All I can say is - above and beyond!! I asked for a birthday message for a friend and Andrew really went IN for it! Loved the personalised message (can't give too much away as my friend hasn't seen it yet), I really wasn't expecting the video to be this long and this sweet and I am super happy with what I got!
  • Anonymous
    August 12th, 2022
    • Birthday
    Absolutely made my day! Ordered a message as an early birthday present to myself & it was definitely worth it! I can’t stop smiling & laughing! Love the added touch of a cupcake, & blowing out the “candle” together. Especially enjoyed the matchstick for a candle & lighting the match with a torch 🤣🤣 Best birthday present EVER!! 💕

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